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Look, it’s twenty feet up in the air, and it’s in the middle of the most heavily guarded part of the prison. It’s impossible to get up there without being seen.

Anonymous said: They were rioting because they were being attacked by the police. They aren't monsters at all for being angry



I’m tired of people like you trying to justify violence, theft, and general asinine thuggery.

The riots broke out after a peaceful candle vigil quickly grew into a mass free-for-all like middle-aged moms at Pottery Barn on Black Friday.  Why?  Because the opportunity presented itself.


Rioters and looters smashed and grabbed at stores up and down the street, shot at police helicopters, as well as kicked and threw anything they could at passing police cars.  That’s when the police started sending in reinforcements.  It was in response to the violence happening all over the place; not the peaceful demonstration.  Use your brain.

Robbery is not a response to being attacked by police.  This was not about anger.  This was all about criminal opportunity.  It was a chance for people to vent their superfluous outrage, destroy property and steal whatever they could get their hands on.  Only a handful of the idiots that showed up to these protests even knew Michael Brown, let alone the facts of the situation.

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what a bunch of a-holes


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